Cylinder Head & Engine Block Pressure Testing

At Comiskey Engineering Works we have the latest engine pressure testing equipment that is used to diagnose faults with cylinder heads and blocks in engines.

With over 60 years engineering experience, our team carry out cylinder head pressure testing on a regular basis ensuring that your engine is returned in road-worthy condition.

Why pressure test?

If a cylinder head or block has a possible crack, often internal and not visible to the eye, cylinder head and engine block pressure testing is the most efficient way to get to the root of the issue.

The main benefit of pressure testing is time saved in finding issues and identifying the correct components that needs to be repaired, helping save money for our customers.

How do I book an engine pressure test?

We pressure test engines from throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland and the UK. Fill in the form below, or call us directly on [number], to book your engine in for a pressure test.

Book your engine pressure test: